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Welcome to Zeppelin Finance, where experience meets innovation. As seasoned veterans in the ecommerce industry, we've been closely monitoring the evolution of the web3 space for years, and we are thrilled to introduce the next frontier in ecommerce.

Policies Tech


Earnings on sales

Base earnings for all sales of this RWA product on-chain (via the Zeppelin Finance oracle)


Earnings on direct link

Traditional affiliate link issued to each individual RWA holder. The holder then spreads the word by sharing on their social networks and referrals.

Fixed %

Payback schedule

Some RWA ecommerce merchant creators may want to offer a guaranteed fixed payment schedule for a certain amount of time.


Pools of incentives

Just like defi decentralized exchanges offer incentive bonus pools for being early supporter as an LP, Zeppelin Finance RWA ecomm merchants can offer incentives.
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Seamlessly integrate your products into our RWA Ecommerce NFT Collection. Unlock exclusive rewards, bridge virtual and physical realms, and earn passive income through our Affiliate Income program. For a demo and more information, click the button below to watch the ETHGlobal pitch
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